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Asho Rubber Factory-winner of National Honour Award

‘Asho Rubber Factory’ are the manufactures of export High Quality Indian Rubber mats and allied products. All their products are made out of high quality raw materials and pass through strict quality checks, at all stages of the manufacturing process.

‘Asho Rubber Factory’ manufacture and supply hawai sheets with international standards and attractive designs. They are based at Changanacherry, in central Kerala.


It was established in the year 1967, for the production of quality Rubber products like lightweight footwear for gents, ladies and kids, hawai sheets, straps and Rubber mats of all types and dimensions, moulded rubber parts for rice mills, EVA foam interlocking floor tiles etc. We are winners of the National Honour Award presented by the National Integration and Economic Council. We are located in an industrial estate at Changanasserry, exclusively intended for the production of Rubber Products and Plastics. To achieve better quality for products manufactured here and for further researches in improving quality, there are two labs running here, operated by the Central Govt. of India and Govt. of Kerala. They aid in analyzing raw materials and for securing total product quality. We take utmost care in providing you products with global standards, at highly economic and competent

Their products have a stamp of quality and reputation marked on each piece of product they manufacture. The sole and insole of their footwear products are made of high quality EVA POLYMER blended with natural rubber and natural fillers. This in turn gives a high level of walking comfort and cushioning effect for all seasons. Their products are highly durable and always in the customers economic reach. As they are recyclable they are also free from any environmental pollution hazards. They also manufacture High quality EVA foam interlocking floor tiles with attractive colours and high quality doormats and coir mats.